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Jerry Haines

Owner and Manager

Jerry Haines is the owner and president of Dairyland Trading Company. He is a leader in the cheese and dairy industry, with over 25 years experience. Having worked for Good Home Foods, Saputo Cheese USA, Winona Foods, and Titletown Cheese, Jerry has expertise in all aspects of the industry - aging, grading, packaging,  sales, purchasing, storage, procurement and research and development - making him the go-to-guy for cheese.

Jenny Oleck

Executive Sales Manager

Jenny is the Executive Sales Assistant for Dairyland Trading Co., LLC.  Jenny’s knowledge and understanding of the dairy industry comes from her 20+ years of experience having worked for various small, family-owned dairy companies in the Green Bay / De Pere (Wisconsin) area, as well as several years of larger-sized company experience.  Jenny is a valuable asset to the team, skillfully working both behind the scenes and in front of customers to coordinate and oversee the company’s purchases, sales, inventory, and traffic needs.

Dale Mekash

Logistics Coordinator

Dale is our Logistics Coordinator, who previously provided over 40 years of service in management and purchasing for the retail industry. At Dairyland Trading Co., he is responsible for the implementation of detailed purchase and sales orders to procure cost efficiency and management for the transportation transactions of carriers, servicing the cheese manufacturing industry throughout the U.S.

Brittany McKamy

Financial Coordinator

Brittany is one of our Financial Coordinators. She is responsible for overseeing and administering accounts related to office administration for Dairyland Trading Co. She was born in Georgia and moved to Bark River, MS for ten years. She is the oldest of nine and loves racing of all types. Her favorites are off-road racing and Nascar. She is lactose intolerant working for a cheese company.

Financial Coordinator

Scott is one of our Financial Coordinators. He is responsible for overseeing and administering Accounts Payable and related office administration for Dairyland Trading Co.

Financial Coordinator

Andrew Kalz

Andrew is one of our Financial Coordinators. He is responsible for overseeing and administering Accounts Receivable and related office administration for Dairyland Trading Co. Andrew loves to travel and he enjoys learning new trivia.


Kimberly Griepentrog

Order Fulfillment Specialist

Kimberly logs and fulfills orders, answers the telephone, and is the bridge between our cheese facilities and the office. She is originally from Ohio but lived in both Atlanta, GA and Nashville, TN most of her adult life. She is new to Green Bay and is eager to explore the area. She loves playing volleyball and hanging out with her husband, dog, and two cats.

The Guernsey Girls

Scarlett and Savannah

Our two Guernsey Girls, Scarlett and Savannah, are the first cows on our team that produced Oh Mega Milk. They have been on our proprietary feed the longest out of our herd, making them the healthiest cows we own.

Click the link below to learn more about our passion for ensuring all of our cows are happy and healthy.

Mary leads our sales team on the national level. She is responsible for communicating with all of our commercial accounts.


Rudy Ruettiger

Director of Corporate Communications

Rudy Ruettiger, motivational speaker and author of "Rudy: The Walk On," contributes to the growth of Dairyland Trading through his various public relations connections. Rudy advises on matters pertaining to advertising and aesthetics of Dairyland Trading's upcoming projects and provides regular input on operations.

Brian Lepianka

Owner of B & D Dairy

Brian is the CEO and Owner of B & D Dairy of Pound, WI. Brian has many years of experience in the dairy farming industry and vast knowledge of agribusiness, making him a valuable asset to our team. Brian advises and assists in growth for both his farm and Dairyland Trading through our various projects. With Brian's loyal partnership, Dairyland Trading has been coordinating an increased production of Oh Mega Milk to provide delicious, healthy milk to a broader consumer base.


Order Fulfillment Specialist

Viviana is one of our Order Fulfillment Specialists. She keeps communication open with our customers, vendors, partners, and more. She answers the telephone and is part of our team who bridges the gap between out cheese plants and the office. 

Grace Flood

Grace logs and fulfills orders, answers the telephone, and is the bridge between our cheese facilities and the office. She graduated from NWTC in 2022 with a degree in business management. She loves to travel especially to Colorado. 

Order Fulfillment Specialist


Mary Crogan

National Sales & Account Manager


Tammy Fritsch

Owner of Two Guernsey Girls Creamery

Tammy is dedicated to ensuring our cows stay happy, healthy, and maintain a high milk production level to provide all of our customers with delicious Oh Mega Milk. It is through our partnership with Tammy that we have been able to develop and our recipe of Oh Mega Milk.

Our Team at Work!

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